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Panauti View
Panaroma View of Panauti
Panauti – Tribeni Ghat
View of Panauti from Kapalkot Danda
Balthali Village Area
Dhungedhara at Chaukot
Dhungkharka Village Area
Mountain view From Chyambrangbesi
Powerhouse located at Khopasi
View from Devisthan
View of Namobuddha
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About Panauti Museum

Panauti Museum is situated inside the beautiful and peaceful Indreshwor Temple courtyard. It was established in 2011 AD by local member of the community with Co-ordination of Panauti Municipality. The museum is developing as a historical and cultural museum. The different types of stone arts. wooden arts, masks and so many important things are collected from the local people and renovation project in the museum.





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