Paties & Sattals are traditional public buildings providing temporary resting facilities and shelter to the many travelers and pilgrims visiting the holy sites of the city.
The remarkable number of such buildings in such a small town testifies to the high volume of regular visitors through the centuries. Most PATIS and SATTALS have been restored to the original designs by KAVRE INTEGRATED PROJECT during the 1990’s.

Most PATIS are of rectangular shape except for SORHAKHUTTE PATI which is square.
Situated in WALACHHENTOL, this single storey structure is open on four sides and is supported by 16 wooden pillars from which it takes its name.

LAMPATI, situated at AGHATOL, is an elegant two storey PATI with the ground floor open on three sides. It has many very fine wood carvings throughout and takes its name from its unusually long shape. It dates from 18th Century.

GHAT SATTAL is located by the rivers at TRIBENIGHAT and dates from 19th Century.
This three storey SATTAL has its ground floor open towards the river and was designed to shelter those who come on their death bed wanting to take their last breath in this holy place. The walls are embellished with paintings relating to Lord VISHNU’s many reincarnations.