STUPAS AND BIHARS are Buddhist buildings architecturally important in PANAUTI. There are a total of nine STUPAS (also called CHAITYAS) in the city and the DHARMADHATU CHAITYA is the largest and oldest. STUPAS are built on top of relics and represent the Elements: the square Plinth is EARTH, the rounded mount is WATER, the pinnacle represents AIR and the top FIRE. Each side faces, by tradition, either NORTH, SOUTH, EAST or WEST. The metal railing supports bronze oil lamps that are regularly offered by devotees.

There are two BIHARS in PANAUTI and both are located in AGHATOL. The Buddhist Newars of the town come there to perform the young boy‘s initiation ceremony called BARECHHUYGU. The NHUBAHA BIHARI, also known as DYOCHHEN of NAMOBUDDHA, is the most important and it is where the DYOCHHEN festival of NAMOBUDDHA is performed every year during the month of GUNLA (August).